weight management

True Vine Fit 12 Week Fitness Challenge

                      Welcome to the True Vine Fit 12 Week Challenge. This fitness challenge is to motivate and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. I, Josh Bailey, will provide nutritional and exercise guidance throughout this challenge.  This fitness challenge will start on January 16 and […]

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Personal Trainer Josh Bailey Performs Calisthenics Workout

Personal Trainer Josh Bailey Here you have personal trainer Joshua Bailey performing a very intense calisthenic workout, which includes pull ups/dips at a fitness park in Teaneck NJ.  By performing these exercises back to back and with limited rest periods, this increases the body’s ability to burn fat and thus promotes fat loss.  By working with personal […]

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Fat Burning 40 Yard Dash Workout by Personal Trainer Joshua Bailey

Fat Burning Workout Performing 40 yard dash wind sprints, with the appropriate rest between each iteration, helps to burn calories and in effect, fat.  This promotes weight loss/fat burning and gives you excellent coordination and balance.  While doing this exercise, make sure you hydrate yourself with the basic:  water.  There is no replacement for water and […]

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