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Welcome to the True Vine Fit 12 Week Challenge.

This fitness challenge is to motivate and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. I, Josh Bailey, will provide nutritional and exercise guidance throughout this challenge.  This fitness challenge will start on January 16 and will end April 10, 2017.   To enter this challenge, there will be a $25 registration fee which you can sign up at  The winner will receive $500!

To maintain qualification for this fitness challenge, we encourage everyone to track progress based on how they feel and look versus numbers on a scale. It is very important that you regularly take these pictures because while you might not see instant results on a regular basis, at the end of this program you will be in pleasantly surprised.
Here are the criteria for you to follow in order to capture the best images that showcase your hard work:
1. If you are a female, pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in (e.g. Sports Bra and shorts, leggings and a long top, bathing suite pictures or minimal clothing are ok as long as you are comfortable).  If you are a male, you should be topless and wear a pair of shorts.

2. Your pictures should be taken with bright lighting, preferably against a solid background.  You can either have someone take your pictures or set your phone on a timer and take them yourself.

3. Every week you take your progress pictures, make sure you wear the same clothes, take the pictures at the same angle and with the same lighting each and every time. In a nutshell, the goal is to replicate the same picture, week by week, to allow yourself to see your overall progress.

4. You should be taking 4 pictures with different angles ( front, right profile, back, left profile).

6. Please send your progress pictures on Saturday or Sunday to so I can review them personally.


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First Fitness Challenger