Personal Trainer Josh Bailey

Here you have personal trainer Joshua Bailey performing a very intense calisthenic workout, which includes pull ups/dips at a fitness park in Teaneck NJ.  By performing these exercises back to back and with limited rest periods, this increases the body’s ability to burn fat and thus promotes fat loss.  By working with personal trainer Josh Bailey, he will devise new techniques which will promote a healthy cardiovascular system by having you do these calisthenics workouts.

Calisthenics Workout

Such calisthenics workouts can include cardio (used as an example here), swimming, running and bike riding.  When searching for a personal trainer, be sure that he/she knows different training methods and takes your medical history into consideration when creating a successful workout plan.  The benchmark of a successful workout plan is the fuel that drives each workout.  Your personal trainer should be well versed in nutrition which will also promote weight loss.

Fitness Training

A good fitness trainer will be there to motivate you and push you beyond your limits, without causing you injury or a medical emergency. A pre-training assessment is important so that your fitness instructor will know what your limits and expectations are.  Fitness training should be fun and not a chore and a good fitness instructor will make it his/her mission that your training does not become mundane.

Contact Joshua Bailey for a comprehensive consultation regarding  your fitness and weight loss goals. He will show you cardio and calisthenics workouts using outdoor and indoor fitness equipment.  Josh is very skilled in using weight training, isometrics and plyometrics to help with your fitness training.

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Personal Trainer cardio workout Photo