Fat Burning Workout

Performing 40 yard dash wind sprints, with the appropriate rest between each iteration, helps to burn calories and in effect, fat.  This promotes weight loss/fat burning and gives you excellent coordination and balance.  While doing this exercise, make sure you hydrate yourself with the basic:  water.  There is no replacement for water and nothing tastes like it when your thirst is quenched.  Personal trainer Joshua Bailey shows proper form and an amazing burst of speed while doing 40 yard dash exercises.  This is one of the foundation exercises of the NFL combine, held each year to gauge new athletes for positions in the NFL.

Speed Running

Before undertaking this strenuous fat burning/weight loss exercise, consult your medical professional since this is a high intensity workout.  Those with an underlying medical condition may be exacerbate or inflame it by performing this fat burning workout.  There are many types of exercises to increase your running speed such as resistance training, aquatics and many more.  One should add a coach and also employ the use of photos and videos to see what your running form looks like, so that you can make the appropriate adjustments.  Contact personal trainer Josh Bailey at 646 653 2776 for more information on his fat burning techniques, conditioning and nutrition.

Hire A Personal Trainer

To achieve optimum results, one should consider hiring a personal trainer.  Most people do not know what a personal trainer does but for the most part, he/she is a motivator.  Consider a trainer as you hiring a workout partner who is there to motivate you and to make sure that you perform the exercises correctly.  Hiring a personal trainer beyond this may interfere with you achieving your goals and it might be a waste of your resources.


fat burning photo
Josh Bailey 40 yard Dash